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Effective Escalator Cleaning for Memphis & Nashville Facilities

Fayette Janitorial has over 20 years of experience in commercial cleaning. Our years in the industry have taught us that the most important facets of our business is customer service and a dedication to providing thorough and diligent service. We clean a wide array of commercial and industrial properties and surfaces, but we’re proud of our escalator cleaning in Memphis. Clean escalators are critical to your commercial or industrial facility’s overall safety, appearance, and maintenance. If you own a hotel or shopping mall, the escalator is often the first thing visitors see. A glistening, clean, and beautiful escalator sends a powerful message to your customers.

Escalators also provide convenience, allowing access to the upper levels of your building. Employees and customers with health issues can ride to the top, while those who wish to walk can do so. The last thing you need is extended downtime. It shouldn’t take days or weeks to clean your escalator. Your employees shouldn’t have to walk up the escalators at 8 a.m., and disabled customers need easy access to the upper floors of your mall. For that reason, our escalator cleaning services in Memphis are quick and efficient. We don’t cut corners. To learn more about the benefits of escalator cleaning, read on below.

Benefits of Escalator Cleaning Are About More Than Just Safety

In addition to the aesthetic importance of regular escalator cleaning, there are other benefits to regularly having the escalators professionally cleaned. All of them contribute to an enhanced daily experience for your customers, keeping them both safe and well-taken care of. The benefits include:

  • Prevent Slip-and-Falls – Cleaning your escalators and removing sticky or slippery materials can reduce the number of slippage incidents. As a business owner, a slip-and-fall accident exposes you to potential lawsuits, increase your property insurance, and cause general headaches. Establishing a regular escalator cleaning schedule with Fayette Janitorial ensures you’re well protected against unexpected accidents.
  • A Favorable First Impression – Your steps, risers, and handrails are the first things people see when walking towards your escalator. Smudges on the glass enclosures, sticky spots on the handrails, and grimy steps spoil the look of the building you work so hard to maintain. You don’t let employee breakrooms get dirty, and you don’t neglect to clean the glass displays in your store, so why let a dirty escalator spoil the look of your facility?
  • Avoid Mechanical Breakdowns – A clean escalator will require less maintenance than a dirty escalator. Depending on how busy you are, your escalators see a tremendous amount of foot traffic. Customer and employees track dirt and grime into your store and onto the steps of the escalator each minute, and the natural oils from their hands ends up on the handrails and glass enclosures, all of which contribute greatly to buildups of gunk and grime that lead to mechanical breakdowns. Fixing a broken escalator can take weeks, leading to inconvenience none of your employees or customers want to experience.

We Use Specialized Escalator Cleaning Equipment

Due to the intricate nature of escalators, as well as the potential dangers they face, it takes special tools to get the job done right. Fayette Janitorial has over 20 years of experience cleaning your escalators top to bottom. Our workers understand how to perform the task, and come to your place of business armed with the equipment they need. We accomplish the task by:

  • Using machines to scrub the grooves of the steps: Because escalators aren’t flat surfaces like floors, walls, or ceilings, they require more care. The grooves in the steps also present a challenge. Fayette Janitorial uses specialized equipment to scrub and collect dirt, grime, and anything else from the crevices of the escalator. The machines have a series of brittle brushes designed to harshly scrub in between the grooves.
  • Treating the steps with a chemical solution: If it’s been a while since your last treatment, chances are the steps have a lot of built-up grime. We use a chemical solution to help break it down, in coordination with the cleaning machines. Too much chemical solution can cause mechanical breakdowns, but our professionals are more than able to use the correct amount.
  • Use industrial-strength cleaner to clean the glass: Over the course of days, weeks, and months, the glass on either side of the escalators gather smudges. We use highly-effective cleaning fluids and wipes to clean the smudges and leave you with a clear and appealing appearance.

We Work Around Your Schedule to Prevent Delays

While working on your escalator, you won’t have access to it. We’re well aware that you rely on the escalator to conduct business. That’s why our crew is more than willing to accommodate you by working within your schedule. To schedule an appointment, give our Memphis office a call. We also serve the Nashville area.

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