Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Commercial Hard Surface Floor Cleaning in Memphis & Nashville

Fayette Janitorial has over 20 years of experience performing hard surface floor cleaning at Memphis and Nashville-area commercial and industrial facilities. We have the equipment necessary to clean spaces of all sizes, including large warehouses and distribution centers for the food and beverage industry, as well as hallways and lobbies in small office parks. Regardless of what kind of building you’re supervising, keeping the floors clean is essential. We pride ourselves on our versatility. We clean floors for a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities. Whether you own a small paper company and want to ensure the hallways are aesthetically-pleasing or you’re a supervisor of an enormous warehouse, you have a keen interest in keeping your floors clean. We’re adept at cleaning all surfaces, including hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic tile floors, and we come to you equipped with the right tools to get the job completed. Our professionals will thoroughly mop, sweep, vacuum, strip, wax, and steam-clean your floors until they are safe and clean.

From Concrete to Ceramic Tile, We’re Equipped for the Task

At Fayette Janitorial, our professionally-trained specialists understand different types of floors require different cleaning products and techniques to avoid damages. When you schedule an appointment with our specialists, we’ll be sure to get a detailed report from you about what we can expect when we visit your commercial or industrial property. It’s our dedication to thoroughness and customer services that has allowed us to help commercial and industrial clients maintain all kinds of hard floors over the years. Our hard surface floor care services in Memphis and Nashville, TN include:

  • Brick: While brick floors might add a rustic flair to your business, they do require special care. Brick is porous, which means it requires special commercial sealants and specific mixtures to avoid damaging the service. The Memphis, TN commercial cleaning experts at Fayette Janitorial know how to clean and preserve your brick floors.
  • Ceramic tile: Depending on whether your ceramic floors are glazed or unglazed, maintenance of these floors are relatively easy. However, if you have unglazed floors or ample floors that need to be cleaned, it’s worth reaching out to us, as we know how to clean this surface quickly and efficiently.
  • Linoleum: To keep linoleum floors polished and beautiful, the experts at Fayette Janitorial use their 20 years of experience to treat and clean the surfaces. Linoleum requires special cleaning to remove stains, and hot water solvent-based products can damage the surfaces.
  • Marble: As with brick, marble is extremely porous, so it’s worth it to contact the hard surface cleaning experts at Fayette Janitorial to get the job done right.
  • Hardwood: If you have hardwood floors, count yourself lucky. Hardwood is beautiful to look at. But it does require careful maintenance. If you’re not careful you can damage the floors permanently. Hiring Fayette Janitorial for regular cleaning is the best way to preserve your floors.
  • Concrete: If you have concrete floors, we highly recommend that you use our hard flooring services to keep them clean. Concrete can be difficult to maintain, and we can set up a regular cleaning schedule with you.
  • Terrazzo: Another hard floor surface that’s easy on the eyes, terrazzo, requires expertise to maintain. At Fayette Janitorial, we make sure to keep your terrazzo floors looking as impressive as the day they were installed.

Warehouse Floor Cleaning Using Powerful Floor Scrubbers

Warehouse floors see a tremendous amount of traffic. Fayette Janitorial specializes in warehouse floor cleaning using powerful floor scrubbers. It’s estimated there are more than 95 million workdays lost annually due to slip-and-fall accidents, many of which are caused by dirty, greasy floors. Our cleaning company has specialized janitorial equipment capable of removing dirt, dust, debris, grease, and even stubborn stains from your warehouse floor. We’ve cleaned manufacturing and industrial facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers of all sizes, ranging from 1,000 square feet to 1.5 million square feet and everything in-between. We’ll help you keep your warehouse floor as hazard-free as possible.

Contact Our Memphis Office for Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

From schools, office parks, and department stores to water treatment plants, industrial warehouses, and construction sites, Fayette Janitorial specializes in all types of industrial and commercial cleaning services. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and during that time we’ve established ourselves as a cleaning service Memphis and Nashville, TN can trust. It doesn’t matter how big of a building you own. We’ve serviced clients with properties as small as 1,000 square feet to warehouses as big as 1.5 million square feet. We approach each job the same, with the utmost care and respect for your belongings. From industrial painting to hard surface floor cleaning in Memphis, Fayette Janitorial gets it done. Contact us today to add yourself to our roster of satisfied customers.

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