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Post-Construction Cleanup for Memphis & Nashville, TN

Properly cleaning a construction site is the final stop on a long journey. Once your renovation project or new construction has been completed, the debris needs to be removed so the building’s ready for occupancy. Fayette Janitorial offers several post-construction cleanup options for Memphis and Nashville, TN residents. From trash and debris removal to pressure washing the driveways or walkways, we’re ready and able to do whatever your job request demands. Our cleaning company uses the most advanced cleaning products and methods available to meet even the most rigid construction deadlines. Post-construction cleanup is often divided into three distinct phases: rough interior cleanup, final interior cleanup, and exterior cleanup and any required touch-ups. Our professional cleaning service is adept at all stages of post-construction cleanup to guarantee your satisfaction from start to finish.

From Rough Interior Cleanup to the Final Exterior Cleanup

Fayette Janitorial’s rough interior cleanup services are designed to make sure your building is dust-free and ready to begin its final construction phase. Our rough interior cleanup services include sweeping and prepping floors, washing windows, and dusting all surfaces. Our final interior cleanup services help get your building ready for use. During final interior cleanup, we’ll thoroughly clean your building’s walls, ceilings, light fixtures, fans, baseboards, doors and frames, and windows, including their tracks and frames. We’ll also buff and wax all of your building’s hard floors and vacuum all of its carpets.

In warehouses, we also thoroughly scrub the floors and clean all of the racking. Additionally, we can clean ductwork, including air vents and baseboard heating exchanges, to help improve your overall indoor air quality. During exterior cleanup, we’ll remove excess trash and prepare your property for its final landscaping and paving services. Our exterior cleanup services include trash and debris removal, washing all exterior windows and doors, and sweeping or pressure washing all driveways and walkways.

The Right Janitorial Equipment to Give Your Site a Deep Clean

There’s a lot more involved with post-construction cleanup than just going around and picking up excess nails. It’s important to carefully inspect and dust every area, no matter how small, to remove any leftover debris or trash, so that you can successfully pass a building safety inspection. Having the right specialized janitorial equipment is necessary for pressure washing and many other post-construction cleanup tasks. A commercial cleaning company with over 20 years of experience under our belt, Fayette Janitorial has the right cleaning equipment and experienced cleaning technicians to give your construction site the deep clean it deserves. From the windows and floors to the walls, ceilings, and baseboards, no detail will be spared from our “white glove inspection!”

The Benefits of Hiring Us for Your Post-Construction Cleanup

Ensuring your safety is something we take very seriously at Fayette Janitorial. It’s true that you could complete your post-construction cleanup work yourself, but there are many benefits to entrusting your post-construction cleanup to our commercial cleaning company, including:

  • Focus Your Energy Elsewhere – Whether you’re the contractor or the homeowner waiting to have the construction project finished, you could be devoting your energy elsewhere. Don’t spend another minute of your day fretting about all the post-construction cleanup tasks that still need to be completed. Let us take care of it for you!
  • Avoid Missing Other Work – If you’re a contractor, you know how quickly you need to move on to your next construction project. Not being able to begin your next project on time will not only cost you money, but it may cost you reputation points with your clients as well. When you hire us to complete your post-construction cleanup work, you’ll get the peace of mind to move on to the next project on time without leaving anything behind on your completed project.
  • Avoid Staff Friction – You could delegate certain post-construction cleanup tasks to others on your staff, however, this sometimes creates needless friction among your staff when certain individuals feel like specific tasks are beneath their paygrade or skillset. Avoid friction and leave all the post-construction cleanup to our crew. No task is above or beneath us.

Are You Curious About Our Post-Construction Cleanup Service?

No matter the size of the project, construction is usually a messy, lengthy process. If the idea of cleaning up your job site after the construction has been completed sounds daunting to you, leave it up to the expert cleaning professionals at Fayette Janitorial. Thanks to our post-construction cleanup services in Memphis and Nashville, your new property or newly-renovated property will be ready for move-in. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures everything is clean, safe, and ready for occupancy. Please call us today to learn more about how our post-construction cleanup services can save you time, money, and headaches. We’d be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate that includes all rough and final interior cleanup and any exterior cleanup services needed to complete the project!

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